Japan-Belgium Letter Arts Exhibition Closed With Success

After 13 days of exhibit, the Japan-Belgium Letter Arts Exhibition successfully closed its curtain on the 14th of July. Welcoming over 1,600 people visitors during the exhibit, the event proved to have been a meaningful endeavor receiving high acclaim from various sectors, including press coverage in the Yokohama Edition of Asahi Newspaper.


The principal objective of this exhibit was to elevate the recognition level of letter arts centering around calligraphy, and we feel we have achieved our goal with the splendid displays of both Belgium and Japan calligraphers. Also, it was a great pleasure of the host organization J-LAF to have had the opportunity to introduce the wide-spectrum charm of letters in diverse forms.


We would like to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, those many participants who have kindly extended the helping hand before and during the exhibit. At the same time, we appreciate your generous understanding for the many points that fell short of expectations due to our inexperience.

With the numerous, valuable experiences we have gained from the exhibit as a springboard, we would like to continue our support of the Letter Arts' advance in its artistic standards as well as its cultural exchange programs with abroad. We thank you for your continued support of and cooperation with J-LAF.

Minako Sando
Director, Japan Letter Arts Forum